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We deliver world-class cleaning services to homes and offices.

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Our Professional Cleaning Services

What We Offer

Commercial Cleaning

We provide quality and professional Commercial Cleaning services to satisfy your need for a cleaner environment

Domestic Cleaning

Watch as our experienced cleaning experts handle all your domestic cleaning chores beyond your expectation.

Maid Services

We provide quality and professional housekeeping services to satisfy your need for a cleaner environment

Office Cleaning

Allow us to handle your office cleaning needs while you focus on the other important aspects of your business.

Window Cleaning

We can professionally give your windows exterior and interior that clean sparkle and glow they deserve

House Cleaning

Hire our professional house cleaners and enjoy the comfort of having a freshly cleaned house at all times.

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We offer affordable pricing

Commercial Cleaning Cost Factors

As commercial cleaning services offer help for a wide range of property types, restaurants, officers, medical facilities, retail locations, churches, schools and more – it means the average price can vary greatly for commercial cleaning services. When you consider that some customers prefer to hire professional standard cleaners for just a one-time service and others will use the cleaning service on a daily and ongoing basis, it helps explain some of the variants in cost. So, let’s take a look at some of the factors that can impact commercial cleaning costs:

  • Commercial Cleaning Rates per Square Foot

  • One-Time Commercial Cleaning Rates Chart

  • How Number of Windows and Bathrooms Affect Commercial Cleaning Costs

  • Commercial Cleaning Flat Rates

  • Commercial Cleaning Hourly Rates

We offer affordable pricing

Our Prices

0–1000 square feet:


5000–6000 square feet:


1000–2000 square feet:


7000-8000 square feet:


3000–4000 square feet:


9000–10000 square feet:



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